Kirby's Playroom Is Done!

Except for the dog dish and water bowl in the kitchen, and a dog bed in my home office, you would never know a dog lives here. There is a canvas picture of Kirby in his chef outfit in the kitchen and a framed picture in my home office.  Pet steps and a small wooden box with toys can be found in my bedroom only if you look for them. Otherwise my home is tastefully decorated for humans with comfort in mind. That is until you venture down the hallway and enter the first room on the left across from the main bathroom.

Looking into the playroom

I turned this extra bedroom into Kirby's playroom. We call it the playroom because it's where he, and any current foster, stays when I have to leave. There's a sticker on the window in case of a fire so I feel this is safest. To call it his bedroom would be a misnomer since he certainly doesn't retire there at night. I daresay the neighbors would hear his howls if he wasn't allowed to enter MY bedroom, ascend the doggie steps, and make himself comfortable on the big bed he kindly shares with me.

The playroom is arranged with two full toy boxes, a doggie bed, a water fountain, a large kennel, a place to hang leashes and harnesses, several interactive toys strewn across the rug, and a large dresser with drawers filled with shirts, hats, socks, sunglasses, costumes, coats, and other sundry items a little dog just might need. There is a metal gate so we don't have to shut the door which seems to upset him terribly. The walls are painted his signature blue, a thick rug for playtime centers the room, and cute curtains frame the window. There's a slim shelf across three walls which holds various "Kirby" items and playful doggie decals can be seen here and there.


This is where I get to be "dog crazy" creative. I made a nice cover for the kennel using two unused chocolate brown curtains with grommets that had been sitting in my linen closet for quite some time. I would share a tutorial but I'm not sure how I did it. Lots of measuring and cutting, re-measuring and sewing.


Since I have blinds in the window I found a curtain panel which I cut in half to frame either side. Doug had added the shelf back when this was our daughter's room. The rug was given to me by a friend. I just finished re-doing the dresser. The floor is the bare concrete for now. I keep saying we need to do something about it but then a foster will have an accident and I like it just the way it is.

The playroom was almost complete except for that one bare wall that just begged for something.  I considered one of those colorful decal trees with the adorable animals but they were rather expensive. Then I thought about hanging a few pictures of Kirby along with some pictures of our past fosters. This idea stuck as I contemplated which ones, what size frames, and what colors to spray paint the frames.  Pinning one night on Pinterest I came across this pin that literally gave me a ta-da moment! I'll be sharing that with you next week - it's so easy yet packs a punch of nostalgia and fun.

I suppose you could say Kirby is spoiled but he doesn't know that he is. Truth is, if I didn't have an empty bedroom he wouldn't have this playroom. Does your dog have his own room? Maybe you have a doggie command center? Do tell!